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  • Frye Barn

    Celebrate Snow!

    Recent news headlines have given much attention to a pair of snowstorms that swept through the northeastern region during the first two weeks of February. Those in the media have become fond of naming winter storms these days (Stormageddon, Frankenstorm, etc.). The stories are typically …

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  • the woodshop

    Across the Spectrum

    Three hundred and fifty miles separate Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom from the streets of Manhattan. The two locales represent the endpoints along a spectrum of northeastern lifestyles. I traveled across that spectrum last week, beginning with a drive to visit to Marion’s daughter, Meghann, in East …

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  • iris

    Kneeling On The Grass

    The summer solstice came unnoticed this year. The weather should have been my first clue. After a rather cool and wet spring, June 21st saw temperatures rise to 80 degrees under blue skies scattered with a few soft cumulus clouds. For the arrival of summer, …

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  • A Vermont Tale

    Middle Meadow – A Vermont Tale

    How does one begin telling a story from the middle of the tale? I’ve struggled with that question for a few days now. Do I try to set the stage with a brief synopsis of preceding chapters? Or, do I assume a degree of familiarity with the storyline to …

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