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  • Frye Barn

    Celebrate Snow!

    Recent news headlines have given much attention to a pair of snowstorms that swept through the northeastern region during the first two weeks of February. Those in the media have become fond of naming winter storms these days (Stormageddon, Frankenstorm, etc.). The stories are typically …

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  • lone apple tree

    Winter Walks

    It’s been a cold January. (Except, of course, for the week in the middle of the month when it poured rain. Temperatures climbed to the 40’s. All of the previous month’s snowfall was flushed into the stream.) When the surrounding landscapes go into the deep …

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  • turkey tail

    Downer Forest

    As is so often the case, it is the unplanned moment that becomes memorable. A few days ago I needed to bring my truck to a local mechanic for its annual inspection. I had no idea what I’d do for the two hours I’d be …

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  • the woodshop

    Across the Spectrum

    Three hundred and fifty miles separate Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom from the streets of Manhattan. The two locales represent the endpoints along a spectrum of northeastern lifestyles. I traveled across that spectrum last week, beginning with a drive to visit to Marion’s daughter, Meghann, in East …

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  • The old Frye barn

    The Fullness of Summer

    Snowflakes are dancing on a sharp autumn wind as I type these words. I probably should be writing of winter’s approach, but my thoughts are lingering in the fullness of the summer months recently passed. It’s been four months since my last entry in this …

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