Barn Raising: Day Eight

Now that we were able to lay a sheet of plywood across the newly installed second floor joists, Marion and I were able to work from that platform to hoist and install the common rafters in the monitor.

Wait a minute, now. If it’s just the two of us working on this project now, how is it that we got such great shots of the work in progress?

Unseen in the photos of this barn raising effort is the person who took the majority of the photos, our good friend Robbie. On her way back from a trip to New Hampshire, Robbie stopped by again on this, the eighth day of the raising, and grabbed some more shots. Well done, Robbie!

Marion and I used the block and tackle to hoist the rafters. At the ridge, the rafter tenons are inserted into mortises in the pentagonal beam and pegged.

Working high in the barn, Marion rigged webbing straps to provide a secure grip and prevent a fall. On at least one occasion I attributed those straps from keeping me from taking a dive to the deck below.

In the photo above, I raise another rafter to the ridge.

All the rafters are in. The frame is complete, almost. We’d need another day to peg them all in place.

At the end of each day’s work I’d find myself lingering to stare. It’s coming together.