The Monthly Record

We have a set of regular routines here at Three Meadows Farm. We keep a house journal in which we jot down notable events or thoughts (64 degrees and Marion barefoot in the garden on Christmas Eve!!!). There is the garden journal where notes on each year’s growing get recorded. (We’d never remember our successes and failures from year to year without it.) Marion keeps a record of wildlife and flower sightings. For the automated weather record, we have a weather station mounted near the gardens (supplemented by a snow stake from which we observe snowfall data and manually enter them into the weather log).

On the first day of every month we record the mileage on each vehicle (including bicycles) and the number of amp hours we’ve collected in our solar power system. Beginning in May of 2015, I introduced a monthly photo record of our middle meadow. On the first day of every month, I take a panoramic image looking north from the porch. (For consistency, the camera is tripod mounted at the same spot, using the same aperture and focal length settings.) Below are the first nine images from that record, taken between May 1, 2015 and January 1, 2016.

While it may not be the makings of a dramatic time lapse video, these images add one more piece to the record of our tenure on this land.

↑ May 1

↑ June 1

↑ July 1

↑ August 1

↑ September 1

↑ October 1

↑ November 1

↑ December 1

↑ January 1