Downer Forest

ferns in snow

As is so often the case, it is the unplanned moment that becomes memorable. A few days ago I needed to bring my truck to a local mechanic for its annual inspection. I had no idea what I’d do for the two hours I’d be required to wait for the work to be done. On the way out the door, I’d grabbed my camera. After leaving the truck, I walked up the road to the State owned land at Downer Forest to wander the woods. Heavy, wet air made for a nice diffuse light. Here, I’ll share some of the images from that quiet walk.

hollow tree

The photo above was shot through the hollowed remains of an old tree. When I looked at the image it gave me a sense that the path passed through its trunk.

cattail marsh

Soft December tones seem to go hand in hand with this quiet marsh.


The word “fungus” usually doesn’t bring beautiful images to mind, but their shapes and colors can be quite stunning. This one, turkey tail, even has color in its Latin name, trametes versicolor.

turkey tail

stone and wood

This tree struck me in the way that wood and stone formed layers that appeared almost as from a single material.

Two hours with seemingly nothing to do ended up leading me to a very enjoyable walk in Downer Forest on what may have otherwise seemed a wet and gloomy day.