There is a word that has frequented my thoughts more often in recent years.

Resilience: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

Resiliency is a fundamental quality that we all possess in varying amounts. I don’t know if I’d qualify for the adjusting easily part, but I’ve sure learned a lot over time about the human capacity to recover from misfortune or change.

Harvest Moon

Let’s get it straight, though. While I’ve never been one who has been satisfied with the status quo, I am also very skeptical about change. Perhaps it’s because it seems that change too often takes us from bad to worse. Or, is it that I’m too easily distracted by humanity’s progress in the negative direction that I fail to recognize the good?


After a tough year (2012), during which I experienced the loss of both parents, recovery will undoubtedly be an underlying theme in the months ahead.

Last weekend I took another big step in that recovery, reconnecting with something very good. On Friday I traveled with the Burlington High School rowing team to Boston Harbor for the annual Snow Row. There, on the beach at Windmill Point, I was greeted by Resilience, and Harvest Moon, and Firefly, and Eclipse, and dozens of other wooden rowing boats.


But, wait a minute; I thought resilience was the ability to adjust to change?

Adjust, yes, but it doesn’t mean that the right course is always toward something new and uncharted. There are times when we may have strayed so far off course that we’d be well advised to backtrack a bit, revisiting, and often times rediscovering something that had worked so well in the past.


That’s what I did last weekend.