Middle Meadow – A Vermont Tale


How does one begin telling a story from the middle of the tale? I’ve struggled with that question for a few days now. Do I try to set the stage with a brief synopsis of preceding chapters? Or, do I assume a degree of familiarity with the storyline to this point?

After several failed attempts at summarizing anything at all in this introductory post to my new online journal, “Walk on a Dirt Road,” I’ll leave those crumpled pages on the floor and move ahead with the hope that I can shed some insights on the past in the pages to follow. (If you’d like to know a little about the Kevin Rose character, you can read the About the Author page. It may not offer much in the way of a resume, but it will help explain a bit about why I thought it best to just jump right in.)

Some of you may be familiar with the journal that I kept from 2006 through 2010, Building Gypsy Rose. I started that account for the benefit of family and friends who seemed to be wondering if I’d lost all sense of direction. I’d hoped to offer explanation, or at the very least, an ongoing assurance that I was still among the living.

I’d recently taken a rather curious turn in the road, or, perhaps a sailing metaphor would be more appropriate as I’d taken up residence in a boat on Lake Champlain (Vermont). Those who have experienced Vermont winters know that a boat on a lake is not an easy place to be from November through March. The stories told in Building Gypsy Rose will explain how I answered that challenge and will introduce you to the other leading character, one I often refer to as “mate Marion.”

Marion and I have been the best of friends since the time we first met, in the spring of 1980. Our individual journeys have often been separated by thousands of miles, but in 2008 we began putting down roots side by side on a 45-acre piece of land on a Vermont mountainside.

Walk on a Dirt Road picks up the story from here. Within the pages of this journal I hope to share both words and images from the homestead (and lives) that we’ve been building, a culmination and continued evolution of all that’s gone before.

~ Kevin


  1. MarionMarion02-08-2013

    Welcome Back!!

    • Kevin RoseKevin Rose02-10-2013

      I’ve been here all along . . .

      • MarionMarion02-10-2013