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A New Decade at Midnight

prayer flags

It’s been a decade of personal trials, transitions, and transformations unlike any previous ten-year period. From seemingly insurmountable lows to highs that I’d never dreamed possible, it has been life at its fullest. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, with a glorious late-December sun warming a snow-covered landscape, I opted for a blend of traditions and celebrated the New Year a bit early by hanging a new set of flags on the wind. (The traditional date for hanging new prayer flags, the Tibetan New Year, falls on March 5th in 2011.)

From high on the hillsides of Vermont, Happy New Year!

prayer flags 


Kevin, I've followed your blog forever but haven't commented. Please let me say that I've enjoyed the posts and pictures of your and Marion's adventure. Thank you for sharing so generously. As a quirk of life, I have new neighbors from Vermont who have settled here in eastern NC. I told them about your blog, and they spent an entire weekend catching up, relating that they knew some of the people and places you had mentioned. It IS a small world. Best wishes to you and Marion for 2011. Pat


Thanks so much for your kind words.

Yes, it truly is a small world and those connections between us all are what make it so special.


Kevin and Marion,Happy New Year!I can certainly relate to your first paragraph. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Daniel


Thank you, too!


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