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It’s been a month since this series of photos was taken. Marion and I are enjoying our first days off since September 17th. Finally, I've found some time to begin catching up with the blog.


Purlin: In a roof frame, lengthwise member, regularly spaced in sets, connecting principal rafters and carrying the roof sheathing.

After topping out on October 23rd, the next step was to get a roof on the building. Along with the roof purlins came the first nails that were used in the structure.

Above, Marion hammers home the 4-inch spikes we used to attach the purlins to the rafters.


On a simple, uninsulated, metal roofed structure like our equipment shed, no sheathing is necessary. The galvanized roofing panels will be attached directly to the purlins. To achieve a regular spacing, our purlins are spaced at 22 inches on center.


In a barn space used for storage, keeping out the birds and rodents requires sealing up any openings. To prevent entry in the spaces between the purlins and the rest of the frame, we cut and installed hardware cloth between each rafter.


In the photo above, the hardware cloth is stapled to the frame members.


Next, I installed the siding on the inside wall of the loft, giving us a hint of what the building will look like once enclosed. By the end of the day on October 28th we were ready for a roof.



Looking good - cant wait to see the completed barn

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