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November 09, 2007

Turn the Page

chapter two

We’ve received many comments from readers after our last post in the Gypsy Rose blog.  Many felt as if our little home had come alive in the shots that Marion took from the road. The image above could have easily been an “end of story” image. Cresting the hill, rolling toward the sunset, fade to black, run the credits, bring up the lights, show’s over folks.

Not a chance. While the scenes of Gypsy Rose rolling into Vermont’s Green Mountains marked a milestone – the close of chapter one – the story is far from complete.

After leveling Gypsy on her blocks at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, we drove back to Connecticut to gather bits and pieces from Marion’s home. Three days later we returned to Raven (remember Raven?) on the waters of Shelburne Bay (Lake Champlain).

raven at lcmm

On a clear, blue early November morning (Guy Fawke’s Day) we set our sails and headed south, beating into a 15 knot south breeze for 25 miles to North Harbor, a protected cove a few hundred yards from where Gypsy sits, just a short walk up the path from the lake.

raven at lcmm

We awoke the next day to scenes of fresh snow on the east face of Giant Mountain, a distinctive landmark among the Adirondacks Mountains that stretch across our backyard. Although it would have been nice to linger over coffee and enjoy the scene, we still have much work to do. For a brief ten days, after which Raven will be hauled to spend her winter months “on the hard,” our floating home and our rolling home will be side by side.

raven at lcmm

gypsy at lcmm

Once Raven is tucked in for the winter we’ll move in to Gypsy. Our hope is to have many of the primary systems up and running by then, but the list is long and the finish work can be time consuming in its detail. The list below gives a rough overview of the tasks that remain.

install temporary panes in gable windows
install battery charger
install receptacles, lights and switches
build insulated cover for water heater
install water heater vent
install toilet vent
install water manifold (PEX)
install supply lines to water heater
install water pump and accumulator
install water tank and connect to filler, pump, vent
frame pocket door receptacle
install hardwood flooring
build woodstove base carcass
install woodstove and chimney
install LPG distribution
connect kitchen stove
connect water heater
connect refrigerator
install drain plumbing
build kitchen counter (temp)
install kitchen sink
install bathroom sink
install foot pumps
complete main door frame
build main entry door
shore up screen door
install pocket door track
finish T&G pine wall paneling downstairs
sheathe fender wells inside house
build daybed/couch
install shower floor and hardi-backer
install shower mixer and head
tile shower
frame central wall (closet) in loft
install T&G pine wall paneling on loft closet
build LPG canister holding shelves in shed
build table (temp)
build kitchen cupboards
build pantry/broom closet
build bookshelves above daybed
build closet behind dining nook
build dining nook
build DVD cupboard
. . . etc . . .